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Steven Burke 

I saw this group perform in Verizon Hall at the Kimmel Center with the Philly Pops. It was incredible! The magic of the Philly Pops combined with classical mystery's tours studio approach to the music gave me an unforgettable experience. If you are a fan of music in any way I would recommend you check this amazing group out!

If anyone is looking for great live music in Philadelphia, the Philly Pops offer a spectrum of great popular music from rock & roll to jazz. It's a wonderful organization. Check them out at

Bobbi Colucci  Email

Fantastic show tonight at Chrysler Hall, Norfolk.
It's one show I'll always remember! Thank you for bringing the Beatles back for those of us not fortunate enough to have seen them in the past. All of you are amazingly talented and I hope you'll come back to our little city again ?


Saw your show with the VA Symphony Orchestra in Norfolk,! What an incredible performance. From the costumes to everything it was such a great experience! The music was on point and I loved that you got the audience involved. Highly recommend the show. I hope you come back to the area again!!! Thank you!

Lauren Clark Email

I have always loved the Beatles. Too many stories and feelings to recount. From a youngster growing up in coastal Mississippi, to college in Louisiana, to rice paddies in Vietnam , the Beatles always were there. I am very tough on wannabes, especially Music groups. I have never seen a Beatles tribute band live. It has been since the tragic and untimely death of David John, that my love for the Beatles has been rekindled.and I began to follow tribute bands on YouTube. I never met David but I knew of him through his wife, Carol, who is a friend of mine. I have learned what an incredible musician he was. I love your group. I hope some day I will be able to catch one of your shows. Give peace a chance!

Bob C Email

My wife and I were at the show in Naples on 11/11. We were blown away by the wonderful sounds of the Beatles so familiar to us.
We are hoping to see you on Long Island so we can share it with friends.

Dan Email

Attended the show on Saturday 10/15. Awesome!!! Live and let Die, Twist and Shout and Sgt Pepper were just a few of my favorites. Thank you!!!

Joey West Email

I attended the "coffee hour" concert at the Detroit Symphony today, the first of four shows this weekend. I enjoyed it immensely. It was nice to see so many seniors rock out too.

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Adrienne Neff Email

My daughter and I saw your show in Youngstown on 10/1/16.  It was amazing! I didn't want it to end.  Hope to see you again sometime!

Terri Email

Loved the concert in Yakima last night!  Your group is phenomenal and with the orchestra the show was over the top in the best possible way!!!!

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Terry Touchstone Email

My granddaughter is 20 and has been a fan of Beatles music since Across the Universe came out, she was 11 then. I brought her to your San Diego show last night, and she was your loudest fan! She was so happy, she said it was like she actually got to see the Beatles live. Thanks for a great show.

Steve Murdock 

I'm a former guitar student of David John's from about 25 years ago.  You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw David doing his impeccable George Harrison impersonation with the San Diego Symphony on July 15.  He proves again what I noted years ago...David can play anything to utter perfection!
A great show to a comparatively sedate crowd, the boys rallied the crowd in the finale to a well deserved standing ovation.  The orchestra molded seamlessly with the band creating the live sound the Beatles were sadly unable to achieve during their shows.
Thank you for a solid show.

Lisa McMahon Email

Just saw you tonight in Costa Mesa. Excellent selection of songs. My mom really got into it. 


Just saw the show last evening in Wilmington, North Carolina. Four encores later, and the crowd still on their feet begging for more, I remained awe struck. The show has to be seen and experienced to be believed. The pure talent, energy and love these four guys have for the music comes across very clearly.
I walked out of the venue with a 35 year old guy who could not stop expressing his amazement at the perfect replication of classic Beatles tunes these four talented musicians had delivered. He said that he felt he had actually seen The Beatles after watching this show.
The professionals in our symphony orchestra appeared equally thrilled and entertained by these exceptionally gifted artists. My hands are sore from clapping, and yours will be too when you spend a couple of hours with the greatest Beatles tribute show one could ever imagine.

David Email


The Beatles expressed in their music the feeling of a generation.  They changed music, culture, and beliefs.  Their style was so different, even our language changed in an attempt to capture just what was happening.  The seriousness of the 60’s should never be taken lightly; riots in our streets, assignations of leaders, war for profit, and civil rights for blacks, women, and gays all started in the 60’s with our long hair, different dress and songs that meant something.  Your show in Dallas on March 13, 2016 was great.  I sat on the second row with tears coming down my face as I recalled how each song inspired my life.  Please continue to treat our memories with the respect the artists you portray deserve.

Gary Shrum Email

I grew up listening to the beatles and have to say the Fort Wayne experience was soreal I found myself back in Detroit with each song reminding me of a time,place and feelings I was going through then!
                   Just loved it thank-you for taking me back!!!

Karen Story 

Saw your show Saturday in Fort Wayne!  Nothing short of fabulous as in Fab Four!   Thanks for allowing a life long Beatles fan to actually SEE the music being performed.

Best wishes to all,

P.S. Thanks to the great Fort Wayne Philharmonic!

Alan Lockhart 

My wife and I saw the Fort Wayne Indiana presentation last night at the Embassy Theater with the Philharmonic and they were nothing short of Fabulous! We took our friend's 25 year old son, who is a Beatles fan, and he was singing along with us on the songs performed. Oh, what great memories they brought back and the orchestra was exactly right on the back up accompaniment was exactly as the original recordings. This is the best Philharmonic concert I have ever attended. Highly recommend seeing this!!

Jerry Gaughan Email

Saw Rain in Scranton last week, not even close. Hoping you get to Scranton soon.

Take care.
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